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Below are the most popular projects for which crowdfunds are raised on a colossal scale.

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Crowd-funding is not an unprecedented concept. In fact, it is regarded as a sure-fire way for raising capital for a noble cause through the collective efforts of the large pools of the society like individuals, corporate companies, investors etc. Crowd-funding is broadly practiced via two mediums—social media platforms and crowd-funding platforms. This assists in raising funds without fail. Today, a lot of individuals and NGOs raise funds through crowd-funding for a noble cause.

There are different kinds of crowd-funding and all NGOs across the world, and other parts of the world, function on the donation-based module of crowd-funding. As we all are familiar to this module, a donation-based crowd-funding is raised for charities, medical bill crises, disaster relief, aiding the disabled/ailing, animals, poor & homeless, orphans, senior citizens in old-age homes etc.

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